Closure of the Western Arm of Oak Tree Junction (Horn Hill / Berry Hill Roads)

 As reported in WARA’s January newsletter, Oxfordshire County Council has approved traffic calming measures for West Adderbury  (see Decision – Adderbury – Milton Road, Berry Hill Road and The Rise: Proposed 40mph Speed Limit, Traffic Calming Measures and Waiting Restrictions ( ).

The measures – which can be viewed here include: 

  • Extending the 30mph limit further along Milton Road towards Ball Colegrave;
  • Introducing a short 40mph speed limit at the entrance to Berry Hill Road from the A4260;
  • Building chicanes at the top of Berry Hill Road and on Milton Road.

However, WARA has been seeking clarity on when the proposed closure of the western arm of the Oak Tree junction (between Horn Hill, Berry Hill and Milton Roads) would take place.

We have now received the following response from Mike Wasley, Principal Officer – Traffic and Traffic Schemes at OCC:

“The proposed closure is programmed to go ahead at the same time as the implementation of the chicanes. The informal consultation was undertaken by the Parish, and we are currently conducting one with the emergency services.

Just to note closure at the western arm of the junction with Horn Hill and Berry Hill Rd (Oak Tree junction), is being implemented under a Experimental Traffic Regulation Order, which can be in place for up to 18 months, this period also acts as a formal consultation. 

Also signage along Berry Hill Road will reflect the implementation of the new measures along there”.

With the implementation of the chicanes provisionally set for March 2020, it appears that we can expect to see the western arm of the junction closed at the same time, for a trial period of up to 18 months.

We will keep you updated as we receive further information.

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