The Last View of the Church?

“ Adderbury Church Spire for Strength “

Are parishioners prepared to say goodbye forever to the last remaining, uninterrupted view upon entering West Adderbury of our historic St Mary’s Church?

Since the 13th century residents of Adderbury and those just passing through have admired and valued the wonderful sight of our parish church standing strong, nestled in the bowl of the village and surrounded by the conservation area.

We are now faced with the prospect of losing this sight from the last remaining, clear vantage point upon entering West Adderbury from the Oxford Road.

Developers are appealing the decision to refuse a large housing development of 40 homes on Berry Hill Road. Although the plans make an allowance for a narrow partial view of the church to remain (see foot of page), this will forever alter the vista and obscure the view permanently for future generations. 

We can also be sure from recent housing developments in Adderbury that developers will have left room on the site for future additions, so even this partial view would be lost sooner rather than later.

Have the meagre and transient gifts in the form of Section 106 funds being offered in return blindsided us to the true value of what we are giving up so cheaply for generations to come?

See here for full details of the Appeal and how to object.

“On we wander through the lyche-gate to the glory of the village,
To the church of our forefathers, dedicated to Our Lady,
Seated high amid the dwellings poor and noble, clustered round it,
Stands the House of Prayer, surrounded by the dust of bygone ages,
Bygone worshippers around it. Rising grandly from the greensward,
Pointing to the heaven above us; sheltering our souls and bodies.
Teaching us how swiftly passing follow on the generations.”
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