Dog Snatching

We have heard from a Henge Close reisdent that there’s an active group of individuals driving around in a white van in Adderbury and Bodicote looking to snatch young dogs. They see a dog walker, then pull up and start talking to the owner while the other culprit attempts to snatch the dog. This includes local field walks and parks. Please take care!!

Many of you may remember that Bill the whippet from stolen from a garden in Deddington in February 2020.  A Yorkshire Terrier called Bentley was also stolen from Grimsbury last May, and was subsequently found in Cambridgeshire.  According to the Banbury Cake, criminals are turning to dog theft as the demand for puppies has risen during recent lockdowns.

There is currently a petition on asking for pet theft to be made a more serious crime – currently, stealing a dog is often viewed in law as no different to stealing a phone or a bike.

Please sign the petition here and make dog theft a serious crime!

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