Further Development At Henge Close?

West Adderbury Residents Association (WARA) has become aware of possible plans to development the large field to the north of Henge Close.

It appears that it was always the intention of the developer, Nicholas King Homes, to purchase this field, and it is for this reason that an empty plot was left at the back of Henge Close – Plot 37 – to enable access.

The developer has since applied for planning permission to build a single 3 bedroom house in this rather narrow space.  In the Design & Access Statement for the application, the developer explicitly states that further development of the field beyond Henge Close was always intended, but that this is no longer “realistic” (see below).

However, WARA has been informed by several residents of Henge Close that they believe the developer is, in fact, still interested in developing the field to the north and appears to have applied for planning permission for Plot 37 to keep this option open.  Plot 37 was originally designated as a small “green space” which would eventually be transferred to a residents’ management association for Henge Close.  Now that planning permission for a house on Plot 37 has been granted, this transfer seems unlikely to happen.

WARA has not been able to verify the above information.  However, if it is correct, this is very concerning.  As shown on the map below, the field to the north of Henge Close is adjacent to a plot of land to the rear of Southbank, Horn Hill Road.  Planning permission for nine houses on this site was applied for in 2016, but refused.  An additional plot of land off Horn Hill Road, next to the cemetery, is currently up for sale, and already has planning permission for a very large single house.  This land is linked to the plot at the rear of Southbank by a small piece of land at the end of the cemetery which we believe is now owned by the Parish Council.

The development of the field to the north of Henge Close, accessed via Plot 37, could therefore open up a huge area of land for potential development to the west of Horn Hill Road.

WARA intends to monitor this situation very closely.  Whether or not the developer actually intends to extend Henge Close into the field to the north, we would also like to understand why Cherwell DC granted planning permission to develop Plot 37.  This site was set aside “to create areas of native tree and shrub planting to separate areas of the site and provide visual separation where required” in the Landscape and Environmental Management Plan submitted as part of the original Henge Close application in 2016. 

We update you on the Plot 37 situation as soon we can.

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