“No Place Called West Adderbury”

In a recent comment posted on adderbury.org, an ex-Adderbury Parish Councillor states that “there is no place called West Adderbury”.

Historically, this doesn’t seem correct…

1790 Parish Map
1790 Parish Map
West Adderbury 1881
West Adderbury 1881
1901 Census West Adderbury
Kelly's Directory 1911
Banbury Advertiser March 1946


OK, so clearly West Adderbury used to exist and even had its own Parish Council.  But what about more recently?

Cake & Cockhorse - Nick Allen
Cake & Cockhorse - Nick Allen
Adderbury Institute Website
Adderbury Institute Website
Adderbury Feoffee Charity


The bus stops in West Adderbury…..

Bus Timetable


The road signs say West Adderbury….

West Adderbury 2


…and even Adderbury Parish Council recognises West Adderbury.

APC Minutes


So don’t worry, West Adderbury residents – it turns out you DO exist.   

And if you’d like to contribute to the voice of West Adderbury – on issues such as traffic calming, planning and how your public money is spent – then please join the West Adderbury Residents’ Association (WARA).  It’s free, and we’ll never tell you that you don’t exist.

Join WARA via our Facebook page, or email us on westadderbury@yahoo.com.

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