Official – Work On Milton Rd Access Cannot Start Until Application Is Approved

As previously reported, it appears that Adderbury Parish Council intends to start work “in the near future” on the new entrance to the Milton Road community land.

A payment for “tree removal” was approved at the January 2021 Parish Council meeting, and presumably this means that work on the hedge will start any day now.

However, the location of the entrance in the Parish Council’s new application, 21/00104/F, is different to that in the layout as approved last year – it is substantially closer to the entrance to Henge Close, see below. 

Following the breach of at least two planning conditions associated with the Milton Road development last year, WARA contacted Cherwell District Council to ask for clarification.

Matthew Chadwick, Senior Planning Officer at CDC, has today responded, saying:

“No works on the site should take place without consent and as you correctly state, this new access point is in a different location to that which has been approved.”

“If any work is undertaken to this access point before the granting of any consent, please report this to the Council’s Enforcement team so investigations can begin”.

The decision date on the new application, which includes the new access location, is not due until 13 April 2021.  We sincerely hope that the Parish Council will not carry out any unapproved work, and will make sure to follow the official planning process – as the rest of us are required to.

However, should anyone see any work commencing on the access prior to 13 April 2021, please let WARA know immediately on


WARA has written to Adderbury Parish Council to ask again whether we can provide fencing for the pitch area, so that the Milton Road field can be opened up to public access while we wait for the new planning application to be approved.  We will let you know how the Parish Council responds.

“Dear Councillors,

We refer to recent reports that have been published on the Adderbury Parish Council website and to the Cherwell District Council Planning Portal, where the  application for a planning consent for the revised, reduced proposals for the new Adderbury Sports and Community Building Project (Application no. 21/00104/F) has been submitted just three weeks ago on 12th Jan 2021. There appears to be a conflict between what APC are reporting and what CDC are reporting regarding the commencement date for the works. APC are suggesting that the access to the site will be commenced when OCC construct the chicanes on Milton Road and Berry Hill Road in March 2021, whereas the planning portal does not have a decision date on the planning application until 13th April 2021. We understand that APC were proposing to carry out the tree felling and site clearance works imminently in February and your email to us responding to our suggestion that WARA would provide the fencing to permit the field to be opened up to public access confirms this. Your response stated that works would be starting  in a couple of weeks so opening up the field for Public Access straight away was not possible.

In order to clarify matters on the commencement date for the Tree Felling works we wrote to CDC and have just received the response below from Matthew Chadwick which clearly states that “no works on site should take place without consent”.

It is clear therefore that Tree Felling works for the access cannot be commenced in February. Matthew also confirms that “the access point is in a different location to that which has been approved”. This means that the revised access location will be the subject of further consultation with OCC before it can be approved for construction which most certainly will take a number of weeks.

Cherwell District Council are confirming that no works can realistically commence until May when there might be a positive decision on the revised planning application. With this in mind we would request that you review our offer to open the field up as much needed amenity space for the local community. We attach a photograph of the fencing panels that we could transport to site and erect around the completed pitches within a few days if the Parish Council could work with us to make this happen.

We are hoping for a positive response to our request”.

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