Parish Council’s Drainage Basin Floods Adjacent Land AGAIN

As previously reported, over the Christmas period the infiltration basin installed by the Parish Council on the Milton Road field overflowed and flooded adjacent property.

When asked about this at the Parish Council meeting on 12 January 2021, Mrs Diane Bratt (PC Chairman) claimed that the drainage was “working efficiently” and that overflowing (“exceedence”) was “normal” and “part of the design”.

However, when WARA sent the photos and video of the overflowing basin to David Peckford, Assistant Director – Planning and Development at Cherwell District Council, he replied by saying that:

“Thank you for your email below providing a link to the west Adderbury website containing photographs and videos clearly indicating that the constructed swale, which is significantly smaller than that consented, is not operating as it was designed to. I will pass this information to the Parish Council so that it can be in no doubt of the implications of not providing the swale as consented at this time.”

After what might be considered relatively normal rainfall for this time of year, we have today discovered that the Parish Council’s infiltration basin is yet again full, overflowing and has flooded adjacent property.  We believe this property is the garden of a house off Horn Hill Road.

Parish Council's Infiltration Basin Overflowing on 30 January 2021
Adjacent Woodland Inches Deep in Floodwater

 The overflow from this basin eventually ends up in the ditch that runs into a field drain at Adderbury Cemetery and discharges into the Sor Brook close to the footbridge to the churchyard.  Properties in West Adderbury already struggling with flooding from the Sor Brook now also have to contend with the run-off from an area literally the size of two football pitches.

Both WARA and CDC have written to Adderbury Parish Council on numerous occasions now to ask when the much larger, approved drainage basin will be installed.  To date, we have had no response.

WARA is shocked and deeply concerned that our Parish Council has so little regard for the property and well-being of residents in West Adderbury.  When faced with photographs showing the flooding of adjacent land, how on earth can Mrs Bratt maintain that the Parish Council’s drainage scheme is “working efficiently”? 

WARA is also concerned that the Parish Council’s insurers may not wish to cover the cost of any damage caused by this flooding, particularly since Councillors have been informed over and over again by Cherwell DC that the under-sized basin is a serious flood risk.

If the PC’s insurers do refuse to pay out, does this mean that individual Councillors will be liable?  

WARA will keep you posted.  

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