Recommended Daily Walks During Lockdown

As we are still allowed to exercise for an hour every day, we thought that we would recommend a couple of local walks.  The locations of these walks have been specially selected to ensure that social distancing will not be a problem.

Walk One:

Start at the Triangle (junction of Horn Hill, Berry Hill and Milton Roads) and walk along Milton Road towards Adderbury Fields (Wallin Road).  Enter the development through a gate on the left side of Milton Road.  You can make a detour here if you wish to see the unique sun dial which is next to the playground – stand on the correct month and note the number on the pillar to which your shadow points.  You’ll be surprised at how accurate it is!  Then continue along the path to the right of the hedge until you reach the field boundary,  You can continue along this path until you reach the boundary of the old Barford St John airfield – you will need to cross over a number of styles, and it may take more than an hour!

Walk Two:

Start at the junction of Horn Hill Road and Tanners Lane.  Enter Tanners Lane (watching out for the bees that are making a home in the house on the left).  Continue past the old White Hart Inn until you reach a small green, then turn left.  Continue on, crossing the route of the old railway, until you reach the junction with Roundclose Road, and turn right.  You will see the entrance to the Lucy Plackett Playing Fields ahead of you; take a turn around the field, or along the bank of the Sor Brook, but remember that playgrounds are currently off limits.  Return the way you came, turning right onto Roundclose.  At the T-junction, look across the road into the field by New Road – if you’re lucky, you may see some sheep!  Turn left into Crosshill Road and follow the road around past Colin Butler Green, where you can see a grade II listed lamppost.  Crosshill turns into Horn Hill Road and you are back where you started.  You can, if you wish, take a detour into the entrance to the cemetery to see the Friends Meeting House.

Walk Three:

Start at the Triangle and turn right onto Milton Road.  Continue on the new pavement on the right side of the road, past the entrance to Henge Close.  You will see an entrance on your right into a small wooded area – go through here, and then follow the path that leads diagonally across the field (this land is owned by the parish).  In the far left hand corner is a path which leads to a stile.  Cross the stile, pass by a pond on your right and then cross a second stile.  Climb up the slope of the old railway embankment, then turn left.  You can follow this path all the way to Milton, where there are a couple of old railway bridges.  This path continues all the way to Bloxham, but again, this may take you more than one hour.


If you can recommend any other local walks which don’t contravene the current lockdown rules, please email us on


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