Support WARA’s Objection to Caravan Site

WARA has formally objected to plans for a 73 pitch Caravan Site next to Adderbury Fields in West Adderbury.  Now they are calling for residents in West Adderbury to support their campaign to preserve the rural nature of our community.  The letter can be read in full here: WARA Caravan Park Objection Letter

WARA is asking residents to consider the arguments in its letter and to join it in objecting to this planing application.  Residents are welcome to use the WARA letter as a template.  The WARA objections fall under five main heads:

  •  A need has not been demonstrated
  •  Design, and impact on the character of the immediate area (Adderbury/Milton Gap Local Plan)
  •  Landscape impacts
  •  Traffic burden on a rural road
  •  Offers very minor economic value to the local community

There already two caravan sites within the immediate area which do not operate at full capacity.  The site falls into the local gap between West Adderbury and Milton as defined in the Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan, an area which is important to protect from unsuitable development to ensure both villages retain their separate identities.

Residents can submit their objections using the Cherwell District Council online planninig portal or by emailing the CDC planning department: The case officer for the application is Mr Bob Neville:

Comments must be submitted to Cherwell DC by the 30th of May.

Adderbury Parish Council has yet to comment on the proposal

West Adderbury residents who are concerned about preserving the special nature of our community are welcome to join WARA free of charge.  Email or visit their facebook page

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