West Adderbury in the Oxford Mail!

Today’s Oxford Mail (22 August 2020) includes an article about West Adderbury’s attempts to reinstate its own parish council.

A spokesperson for West Adderbury Residents Association (WARA) is quoted as saying:

We are currently at the mercy of an administration fixated on pursuing its agenda to the detriment of issues we consider far more pressing and important.  When a majority systematically uses its power to deny a minority its rights, this becomes tyranny and is not democracy.

Mrs Diane Bratt, who has been the chairman of Adderbury Parish Council for over 20 years, is quoted as saying:

“West Adderbury is not distinct in any way, whether that be geographically or politically”.

We think most people would disagree – West Adderbury and East Adderbury are clearly geographically distinct (the clue is in the name, Mrs Bratt).

She then goes on to make the rather bizarre statement that:

“WARA is made up of five people on a committee with no constitution”.

WARA has over 250 members and its constitution (which was set out when WARA was founded in 2017) is available for anyone to read here.  Bear in mind that of the 700 or so residents of West Adderbury, quite a large number are children – you must be 18 or over to be a WARA member.

Mrs Bratt also denies WARA’s claim that Adderbury Parish Council does not listen to residents.

This reminded us of a statement made by Mrs Bratt at the Parish Council meeting in March 2014, which highlights Mrs Bratt’s views on “listening” to residents: 

“The Chairman also highlighted her concern at the proposal that the Parish Councils should ‘act’ upon the opinions of the village. She stated that she would be happier if the Parish Council could be informed or guided by the views of the
village, not bound by them”.

Over 200 residents of West Adderbury signed a petition asking Cherwell District Council for a Community Governance Review, which will decide whether to reinstate a separate parish council for our village.  The consultation period for this Review ends on Friday 28 August 2020 – if you have not already submitted your views then you can do so by visiting:


Your views are important – so please make sure you respond before the deadline!

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