New West Adderbury Campsite Planning Application

Planning permission is being sought for a “recreational caravan park to include a new amenity building containing reception, toilets, showers and washing facilities.” The Cherwell District Council planning portal has full details under the planning reference 20/01073/F, which can be seen here.

Comments on the application must be sent to Cherwell District Council by 30th May 2020.  Comments can be submitted online here or by emailing the CDC planning department:

The case officer for the application is Mr Bob Neville:

The plan is for 73 pitches for this site.  The site falls in the local gap identified by the Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan, policy AD5.  Residents are concerned about the massive increase in traffic this will bring to the already dangerous Milton Road, not to mention the impact on the carbon footprint of the village. It threatens to destroy the peaceful and rural nature of West Adderbury.  It will remove yet more natural habitats for wildlife.  This proposal does not address an identified local need and offers no benefits to outweigh the harm it will cause.

If you are concerned that West Adderbury is struggling to maintain its character and identity in the face of relentless pressure to accept developments for outside lesiure interests, then please lodge an objection to this proposal.

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