Who’s for lunch?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this really does tell the story of how a lot of us in West Adderbury feel.  It doesn’t help when some of our neighbours resort to abuse and our elected officials choose to ridicule us and call us liars.

West Adderbury is tired of feeling like a lamb to the wolves of East Adderbury and Twyford.

All we want is what you in East Adderbury and Twyford already have: a system of local government that serves our interests and meets our needs.  Why would you not want us to have that?

Central government is being devolved to the regions.  Local government is being expanded so that more decisions are being taken by smaller groups of local people.  How can you claim to support democracy and oppose local people being given power to decide local issues?

Support a West Adderbury Parish Council because you believe in democracy and you believe in fairness.

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