YOUR West Adderbury, Have YOUR Say

The consultation has started!  Cherwell District Council are writing to ask for YOUR views on why West Adderbury should get back its own Parish Council.  You have an exciting opportunity to shape the future of your village.  Your views are important and Cherwell District Council will decide whether we can have our own Parish Council back based on what YOU say.

If you have not yet received your letter, you can read a copy here.

  • If you want a Parish Council that can listen to YOUR views and act on them;
  • if you want a Parish Council that will prioritise Traffic Calming and Flood Protection;
  • if you want a Parish Council that will protect the special character of West Adderbury;
  • if you are proud to live in West Adderbury and want a Parish Council that serves you;
  • if you want a Parish Council that will work to protect sites at risk from inappropriate development;

Then reply by saying YES to bringing back West Adderbury Parish Council.

You can reply in one of 3 ways:
Important – Please do not reply until Monday 29 June 2020. Any consultation responses received by Cherwell before this date will not be included.

If you wish to provide additional comments with your response, please feel free to use the following statement:

“As a resident of West Adderbury, I believe we need our own parish council to preserve the special character of our community, to reflect the wishes and identity of West Adderbury residents, to provide the services West Adderbury needs, and to give West Adderbury a say in its own future. The problems on the current Parish Council have shown that a single Parish Council cannot meet the incompatible needs of the separate villages.  I think that giving West Adderbury and East Adderbury their own parish councils will heal the recent political divisions and bring our communities back together again. I am therefore asking Cherwell District Council to reinstate West Adderbury Parish Council.”

Up until 1971, West Adderbury and East Adderbury each had their own parish councils.  Both East and West Adderbury thrived under separate local government.  Both settlements have grown substantially in size since then and it makes sense for both to have their own parish councils again. 

Despite having grown, West Adderbury is still much smaller than East Adderbury and Twyford, forming just 23% of the parish.  Under a single Parish Council, our views and needs will always have to be sacrificed to meet the needs of the majority.

All across the country, the government is devolving power to regions big and small to allow local people a say over local matters.  Why shouldn’t West Addebury have better democratic representation?  Why shouldn’t we stop being the “poor relation” of East Adderbury and Twyford?

Say YES to a Parish Council for West Adderbury – say YES to local democracy.

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